Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last pictures for the Nanab Blog!

Saturday evening...can't let Karl Guzzo's birthday cake go to waste!!  James, Cat and Sonya.

Sunday morning.  Colorado City, AZ.  on the border of Utah, and close to Nevada.  Not sure where the Colorado come in.  Founded in 1985 by some guys that like lots of wives!

Quick stop in some small town.  We chose a different route home, it was beautiful.  Too warm to stop and take many pictures.  Ed and Carl are cooling off, they just soaked their "cool vests".  I tried mine too, works too good, I took it off because it was too chilly.

Got home to find Dave (DD) and Romy (Pebbles).  More of our "vroc kids".    They are on the way from Phoenix to Calgary, Alberta.  Death Valley is their plan for tomorrow.  After food and good visit, they rolled out.

A light Sunday afternoon meal at the Golden Corral. 

It's cooled down to 92 degrees, so  the adventurers are getting ready fo the evening trip to  Beaty, CA, on Highway 395.

Beautiful bikes!  Romy's 1500 Classic, and David's big Nomad.

All the gear, all the time!  Well, they do have helmets on so they can talk to each other :-)  Ride Safe, good friends.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winding down, Saturday night

UTVROC did a nice job of hosting he rally.  This is the only "get-together" function, they will have a charity drawing here soon.  The proceeds will go to the Animal Sanctuary here, a good cause.

Prizes may be chosen by the winners, so people are checking out to see what's on the table.  ROK send in several nice gift certificates and some other items.  The rest were collected by club members, or donated.

Don (vsp) was one of the big winners!

Tony did well too!

Utemike in his Foree tye dye from the 2005 Rally here.

Unlike VROC, this Chapter has officers.  Sonya is the Secretary/Treasurer. She did a fine job of  handling the raffle.

Waiting like vultures for their tickets to be drawn.  Like a lot of raffles, just a few people seemed to be lucky tonight.  All in the "Luck of the Draw"

Mello Yellow and Hazzy.  Club officers, and rally organizers.  It was nice to meet them.

Sonya drawing another winner

Jack thought he'd won the grand prize! (wrong)

This is Mikey.  A Utah member.  He has a new Voyager

Barb and Jack both won a few things, but they wouldn't give either of them the bike :-)

Karl's Birthday is tomorrow, he was surprised with singing and a cake

Mal is turning 50 in a few days, he got the clap for that

Karl's Birthday cake.  It looked good!

Saturday afternoon-and evening

These first 9 are from Lanny's camera.  This is the Perry Lodge.  Joe, Yvette, Don, Bev, Cranky, Karl, Sherm,Tony D., Utemike, Barb Foree, Jack, and Lanny.  Taken by our waitress

Bridge to Pipe Springs.  For those new to blogs, if you click on a picture it will get larger.  Also...when you get to the end and it looks like there are no more on OLDER POSTS, and it will go on and on...and on.

This artisan is making arrow heads and knives from obsidian, very similar to how the Indians made them.  Hmmmm, sure wish I had some of the hair that's in back in the front....Don't usually see myself like that.

Lanny's lizard.  Mines's farther down :-)

Morman Ranch, and now on the Kabab-Paiute Reservation

Two ponds and running water into the old house.This has been a stop for travelers since the early 1800's

Built as a ranch house, and sort of a fort. Over the spring, so in a siege, they would have the precious water inside.  Has gun    placement slots on all walls, and a courtyard where they could bring some animals inside if necessary. It was well built, but was never fully attacked by anyone.

Lanny found a bunny.  Years ago, when the first settlers arrived, the grass was said to be high enough  "to tickle a horses tummy".  Not much grass here now.

Not a large complex, but very well managed.  Pipe Springs is a National Monument, has been since it was turned over to the Government in 1929.

Ms. Barb, a cool morning.  She's getting to head out with a group to do about 300 miles of sight-seeing kind of ride in the beautiful Red Rock Country of Utah.

Some of us went another direction, we all enjoyed the very well done Museum a lot

There was several old farm implements and other pieces of equipment on the property

Hands of a craftsman.  He can make a knife blade from obsidian in about 45 minutes of steady work,

Some items he recently make. The red and blue blades were chipped out of glass.

Some of the water from the Pipe Spring is diverted for a couple of drinking fountains, and also to supply the livestock, and the visitors center facilities

All the equipment and wagons are authentic

Early Dugout house.  It was pretty large inside, and very cool, compared to the heat of outside.

The first livestock to come here was a herd of Longhorns from Texas.  

We went on a tour of the "Mansion", the park ranger lady that did all the narrating did an excellent job!

Been a lot of good food cooked on this kitchen range. Carl and Tony are listening attentively to the tour guide

Yum!  Life was hard back then, but the people that were here managed to eat well.   The  house was built  by Mormans, the  were assigned be leaders in Salt Lake City to work of their tithes, since they didn't have cash or goods to pay them with. (according to the tour guide)

The house and grounds have been kept up beautifully over the years.  They first Government caretaker spent 40 years here, keeping the home up.  Everything is pretty much the way it was where it was used and lived in by a private family. It even has a telegraph line that goes directly to the Salt Lake City, when it joins another like that was used for railroad communications

Deseret Telegraph line.  They could get a signal out back in the mid 1800's, but today there is still NO cell phone service out here in the high desert.

One of the gun placements

Water is piped into the house, this wooden log is just like the originnal that rotted away.  

They always had a lot of cows to mild.  They made approximately 50 pounds of cheese down here every day

Pleasant Shade by one of the ponds

My lizard :-)

The water is very clear, but untreated.

Back in Kanab, Ed orders Fries and a Strawberry milk shake

I had a taco salad without the tortilla shell or any chips

Our waitress had red and blue hair!

The end of the pavement in Kanab Canyon

We found another bunch of vroc'ers visiting an Animal  Sanctuary 

A little Hoo Doo

Biglefti isn't so big out here in this country

Hole in the wall


Kanab Canyon Road. Just a short rest stop