Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last pictures for the Nanab Blog!

Saturday evening...can't let Karl Guzzo's birthday cake go to waste!!  James, Cat and Sonya.

Sunday morning.  Colorado City, AZ.  on the border of Utah, and close to Nevada.  Not sure where the Colorado come in.  Founded in 1985 by some guys that like lots of wives!

Quick stop in some small town.  We chose a different route home, it was beautiful.  Too warm to stop and take many pictures.  Ed and Carl are cooling off, they just soaked their "cool vests".  I tried mine too, works too good, I took it off because it was too chilly.

Got home to find Dave (DD) and Romy (Pebbles).  More of our "vroc kids".    They are on the way from Phoenix to Calgary, Alberta.  Death Valley is their plan for tomorrow.  After food and good visit, they rolled out.

A light Sunday afternoon meal at the Golden Corral. 

It's cooled down to 92 degrees, so  the adventurers are getting ready fo the evening trip to  Beaty, CA, on Highway 395.

Beautiful bikes!  Romy's 1500 Classic, and David's big Nomad.

All the gear, all the time!  Well, they do have helmets on so they can talk to each other :-)  Ride Safe, good friends.

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