Friday, May 18, 2012

Later Friday

Almost 96,000 miles on this old rocket!

Cranky modeling his sweat pants, Tony explaining something to Barb
UteMike, Karl Guzzo, and Jack are getting up an appetite for some BBQ later

Tony, Ed and Carl Anderson

So good to see the "Holbrook Gang" show up!  Here's Barb and Bev , and Tony too

Yes, it is.  Tony D's hotrod

Jack and Lanny at play

Tony, Utemike and Craig Scott.  A swinging group

Half rack baby backs and a salad.  Low Carb dinner

We shared the dining room with these coons playing poker

We sort of stumbled on this place, it turned out real good.

Haven't had any "crazy Barb" shots for a long time.  Now that she's retired, she's more reserved :-)

I think everyone was happy with what they ordered

Yvette and Joe

Craig with a couple of left over bones..he picked them clean

Barb and Jack.  She was picking the corn, saved having to pick her teeth later

Yvette and Malachi

Rachael and Vinnie

Who ARE these outlaws??  Maybe Lanny, VSP and Bev

Craig, Vinnie and Rachael

Joe, Yvette and Tony

VSP showing us the way out

Karl doing the leg swing

The outhouse was occupied

Little larger fish here than in the little pond on Route 66

This Gator got himself a nice fat Gecko

Oops!  Stuff happens

Yvette & Joe took some good pictures today, since they use a Sony card, She had to use an adapter to download them into my Harley laptop.  Parking lot of the Perry Lodge.

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