Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

Some pics from Lanny, some from VSP, the rest mine.  Not in good order.  This is Tony D. looking in the fish pond on Route 66 near Sitgreaves Pass.

Sherm & Tony in Oatman

Taking a picture of Tony in front of the Post Office

This morning (Thursday) Lanny is doing some minor wiring repairs on the new Wing. We're getting ready to roll out soon.  About 6AM when this was taken

It's almost finished

We were going to get some Firewater out of this tank, but it was all locked up today

Downtown Seligman

Route 66 at it's morning best

Tony D cookin' down I-40 near Flagstaff

Sherm on his baby Harley

I know this  is a duplicate, but it's easier to post it then remove it

Since we're going to Kanab today, we all wore our shirts from 2005.  Lots of changes in all our lives since then!

Ed and Carl are with us.  In his hurry to leave, Carl made it a couple of blocks before realizing he still had on his bedroom slippers. He had to return to the house to get his shoes :-)

Carl on his Road Glide

Biglefti in the middle of the highway

Tony checking out Barney.  He's still green, not ripe yet

Gas stop just North of Flagstaff. A chilly 80 degrees up here at 7300 feet

Ed discussing riding techniques with a local

Tony is blowing up his tires ...or something

Very warm stop,  One of the many places the Indian people sell jewelry in stands along the highway

This stand had several vendors.  They make and sell some very nice things

This is where some of us are staying in Kanab.  Very nice rooms!

VSP was waiting to meet us.  He toured Bryce Canyon National Park today.

Gathering of VROC folk. Cranky is the only one I know out of this group, mostly the Utah people


The scenery is spectacular.  The camera doesn't do it justice.

VSP took this of Lanny and I checking in.  The little Harley did fine, and Lanny is happy with his "new to him" Wing
Malachi, Yvette and Tony

Jim & Cat surprised us!

Cat, Mal, Yvette, and James Sigelaar

Real nice to see Don (VSP) again

Joe (Malachi) on the Jim bike.  Maybe his Concours will turn into one of these.  That's cranky without any clothes.

Several of us entering Houston's.  This place has been in business  since the early 1940's

Our table

Malachi's son Vinnie and his friend Rachael.

The Salt Lake City crowd.  Our Hosts

VERY happy to see Craig Scott!   Seven years ago his spent his 50th birthday right here!  Dancing with a Boa and all the pretty ladies! :-)  Glad you made it back Craig!!

We'll get more acquainted with these people before the weekend is over

James getting around a large piece of chocolate fluffy pie

Lanny and Malachi discussing the evening plans

The Parry Lodge, in the sunset.  A nice place. 
Lanny took this of me by the bikes yesterday when  he and Tony climbed up to Fish Pond Springs.  Its'a LONG way down!  :-)

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