Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday, May 18

Our waitress at Houston's was "Packin' Iron".  All the wait people are carrying real guns.  Part of the old West.

Don and Tony, just finished a large breakfast.

Yvette, Lanny and Malachi.  Planning the Day's activities

Official Kaw Pasture, but several of us are staying down the street at the Aiken.

Craig Scott checking out the Wing

The tall and the short of it!

Eating and visiting in the sun.  A good way to start the day.

Carl "Slippers" Anderson from Kingman.  Yvette dubbed him with the new nic!  It's a good one.

Craig rented this GS1200 BMW, Adventure Touring Bike

Tony is fighting a cold, but he's in good spirits anyway

Lanny in his Arizona leathers, Craig and Tony.  A very different selection of bikes, they are headed off to see pink sand, Cedar Breaks, and some other sights.  There are rides to Bryce, Zion, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon today.  More pictures later today
Entrance to the Hollywood Museum.  There been dozens of old Western Movies made here in Kanab.  This Museum has some of the movie sets, and lots of pictures and information about the movies and actors

Skid and Sandy will remember this place!

Kanab hasn't changed much in the 10 or more years I've been coming here, but the Theater got a new facelift!
Tony found it's not to easy to ride in the Pink Corral Sand Dunes!

Lanny got to the top first,  The young guys are struggling up the Dune

These are rare Beatles.  Life span is only 2 to 3 weeks

Craig Scott & Tony D.

10,460 feet, and it's snowing.  Lanny's Arizona leathers aren't doing him a lot of good today

Cedar Breaks, Utah

Lanny said he wasn't cold, but...he doesn't always tell the exact truth :-)

The snow started coming down pretty good.

Tony readily admits it's a little chilly up there

Some small elk playing in a high mountain pasture

I rode out to intercept the Foree group.  After going 40 miles it hit me that I was on the wrong road.  So, did a little dirt riding on the way back

This old military truck probably belongs to a survivalist.  Or a family from Colorado City, which is close to here.

A guy from North Carolina, towing a trailer with a large Yamaha crotch rocket volunteered to take my picture.

When I got back to the Aiken, Jack & Barb, Karl & Bev, and  UteMike were already there.  Ed and Carl, VSP, and Lanny are sitting there too.
Can you find Kokopelli in this picture?

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