Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winding down, Saturday night

UTVROC did a nice job of hosting he rally.  This is the only "get-together" function, they will have a charity drawing here soon.  The proceeds will go to the Animal Sanctuary here, a good cause.

Prizes may be chosen by the winners, so people are checking out to see what's on the table.  ROK send in several nice gift certificates and some other items.  The rest were collected by club members, or donated.

Don (vsp) was one of the big winners!

Tony did well too!

Utemike in his Foree tye dye from the 2005 Rally here.

Unlike VROC, this Chapter has officers.  Sonya is the Secretary/Treasurer. She did a fine job of  handling the raffle.

Waiting like vultures for their tickets to be drawn.  Like a lot of raffles, just a few people seemed to be lucky tonight.  All in the "Luck of the Draw"

Mello Yellow and Hazzy.  Club officers, and rally organizers.  It was nice to meet them.

Sonya drawing another winner

Jack thought he'd won the grand prize! (wrong)

This is Mikey.  A Utah member.  He has a new Voyager

Barb and Jack both won a few things, but they wouldn't give either of them the bike :-)

Karl's Birthday is tomorrow, he was surprised with singing and a cake

Mal is turning 50 in a few days, he got the clap for that

Karl's Birthday cake.  It looked good!

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