Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Day!

Biglefti found this bike 2 days ago, it was in San Jose, CA.  He flew up there, made the deal, and rode the approx 700 miles down here, some last night, the rest this morning.  He got in around noon, wearing his Arizona Leather as usual.

Tony D. (all the gear, all the time) showed up around 12:30.  It's official, the Kanab fun has already started for us!

On Route 66, headed for Oatman.  Had to stop and see "the girls"

Stopped for a Diet Dew at Cool Springs.

Just left of center, you'll see Lanny and Tony.  They are checking out Fish Pond Springs.

I've been up to the springs, so I stayed down to guard the bikes :-).  Tony's vn800 has 96,000 miles on it!   Runs great, but isn't the original engine.

About 5 miles from the summit, Sitreaves Pass

Tony making friends with a burro

One of the newer tourist traps in Oatman

And an old stand by, Fast Fanny's

We were going to head South and go home a different way, but time was running out, so we headed back over the mountain

Some of the regulars.  It was 97 degrees in Oatman today.  Only 95 in Kingman.

Love the ridge behind the town

Tony says he doens't get too hot wearing all that stuff.  I'll take his work for it :-)

In front of the Oatman Post Office

If you want to read this, it will be easier if you click on the picture

I ran up ahead of them to take a picture.  That is Lanny down there

Took several, but Lanny was going at an excessive rate of speed, so I don't pan the camera fast enough to get a good one

Tony is ripping along real good too!  I have it zoomed 18 times from the top looking down
Pat had a nice roast beef dinner ready for us.  A little late getting home, Lanny's new bike wouldn't start after a stop in Old Town Kingman.  He traced it to loose battery connections.  We were on our way in now time.
Lanny is installing two complete new potties for us.  The ones we had worked fine, but were "contractor specials", and very low to the ground.  We're upgrading them to some higher models.  Between the plumbing, and preparing the bikes for an early morning departure, it will be a long evening!  Ain't VROC great!!

Tony nears the Summit.  I rode the little XT today, the Harley is all clean and ready for the trip, I didn't want to get it dirty :-)

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